Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum is a large-scale modern art museum consisting of the museum's core exhibition area, art shops, restaurants and cafes. It is equipped with garden and parking lot to provide full-service to the public.

Floor Space attribute

Atrium Exhibition Hall, Cafe, Gift Shop and Coat Check


Ramp Galleries and Interactive Media Room


Atrium Exhibition Hall (First Floor)

Open top space

“Let the art enjoy the growth of the huge container.”

With a height of 8.5m, this large independent interior space can accommodate sizable installation pieces. The roof is shaded with opening and closing blinds which in accordance with the natural light. The physical characteristics of the open style roof space initiate a dialogue between the artwork and the viewer, mean while the layering creates an enriching experience. The atrium features lighting and audio equipment available for music, dance, theater and avant-garde performing arts festivals. 

Interactive Multimedia Room

“Explore the dimension of the senses.”

In multimedia platform, digital technology, communications technology and art have an intimate connection. Through digital technology, people can "touch" the artworks and experience a broad spectrum of the visual arts. 


ARTsMALL Café, located in a small nook of the museum, echoes the same design philosophy as the rest of the building with its simple spatial arrangement and fitting colour scheme. The café is surrounded by an outdoor terrace filled with flowers and greenery, which effectively erases the boundary between the indoor art space and outside nature, and reflects ARTsMALL’s ideal of “acting as an intersection between art and life.” The café serves as a rest area for museum visitors.

Gift Shop (First Floor)

“Uniting Art and Life Through Design.”

The museum gift shop represents an impressive fount of art and design. We hope to build and inspire creative abilities, to display aesthetic wisdom and to give a start to the many young and talented designers and artists to give them exposure and help propel the fields of art and fashion.