L’invisible Vu

Minsheng Art Museum Launches A New Exhibition with Rouen Museum

Opening: September 6th, 4p.m
Duration: September 7th -October 20th, 2019
(Closed every Monday)
HostShanghai Minsheng Art Museum
Ticket Price:Free
Address:Building 3, No.210, Wenshui Rd, Jingan, Shanghai

The European painting exhibition L'invisible vu will open to public on September 6th, 2019, at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum. By showing up 44 groups works of 19 artists, the exhibition offers a look at the individual exploring road of the European artists after the Second World War. From the prevailing of lyric abstractionism over the European continent in 1940s to geometric abstractionism got its growth, exhibition follow this path to rethink the connection between their individual creation and the context of the era. Sylvain Amic is the curator of the exhibition.

L'invisible vu, the exhibition title is not about the unknown on
the layer of visual, but emphasizes the approach and the means that artists applied to their creation. Then postwar existentialis
t philosophy influenced the new generation of artists in that period, they started to pay attention to the free expression of individuals and reflects on the predicament of their era. They tried to redefine themselves and againsted to previous geometric abstraction and any kind of painting that was restrained and limited by any theories. Personal feeling and internal need are the main topics in their works. The exhibition conveys these creative ideas through the works of Pierre Soulages, Hans Hartung, Arpad Szenes and Jean Dubuffet, etc.

For most of those artists, like
 Josef Sima said in an interview: “Painting will give us another experience of reality (not only visual sense), it leads us to listening to what we can see and drawing what is invisible.” Therefore, their works become a trace of the very personalized realities, expressing the internal inevitability. The poem for gesture, the lament for color —— embracing these faiths, artists tried to express a real impulsion, to remove the abstraction from their aesthetic inertia and to depict an antagonistic emotion.

* The exhibition will open for free on September, 7th, 2019, and will run until October, 20th, 2019.

Part of Works

Hans Hartung, 1961-72, oil on canvas, 65x105cm, 1962

Jean Dubuffet, Figuration XII, black felting pen on yellow paper cutting and laminated on white paper, 37.8 x 28 cm, 1974

About Curator

Sylvain Amic

Sylvain Amic born in 1967, a Dakar teachers family. He got his degree in art history from Lille University, after that he passed the test of the National Institute of Heritage and devoted himself into the field of museum. Sylvain Amic took in charge of the work in Montpellier Fabre Museum in 2000, and he has made contributions to the reform and development of Museums advanced projects for 11years. In 2011, Amic took over the management work of Rouen Museum, as well the curating work of some exhibitions at National Gallery of Grand Palace, including the first retrospective exhibition of German expressionism painter Emil Nolde (2008) and the feature exhibition Bohèmes (2012). Since 2016, Sylvain Amic has been working on cooperations between museums, which aims to gathering up the activity and operation of 8 different museums from the Rouen Normandie metropolitan area.

About Artists

Alfred Manessier 

André Marfaing 

Antinio Saura 

Arpad Szenes

Asger Jorn 

Aurélie Nemours 

Camimme Bryen 

Corneille Guillaume Beverloo 

Hans Hartung 

Jean Dubuffet 

Josef Sima 

Karel Appel

Maria Helena Vieria de Silva 

Nicolas de Stael 

Pailes Isaac 

Pierre Soulages 

Roger Bissière 

Véra Molnar 

Victor Vasarely 

  Antinio Saura, Portrait 1981, oil on canvas, 130 x97cm, 1975

Isaac Pailes, A Reflection of Portrait in the Mirror, oil on canvas, 100.5 x 73.5 cm, 1973

Josef Sima, Ancient Extase, oil on canvas, 162 x 130cm, 1958