Poet’s Spring: Poetry, an Eternal Spring


Minsheng Lecture



Yang Zhen, André Guyaux

Baudelaire in China and France

China–France Poetry Discussion
31 Mar 2021
CN-FR Consecutive Interpreting Live

As an important poetry festival in France, “Poet’s Spring” has bene held in many countries. Every spring, the festival pays tributes to great poets of all times through a diverse series of engaging events. In 2021, “Poet’s Spring” comes to China and takes place in Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shenyang, Shanghai, and Wuhan.

2021 marks the 200th birthday of Baudelaire and is also the centennial anniversary of Zhou Zuoren’s first introduction of Baudelaire into Chinese readership in his 1921 essay, “The Memorial of Three Men of Letters.” His work has been avidly translated and published in China ever since. This year, the book Baudelaire and China, edited by Yang Zhen, is also to be published by Vihorae Books of the East China Normal University Press.

This discussion will center on the reception of Baudelaire in both France and China. Considering his poetry is widely read nowadays, it might be difficult for today’s readers to imagine the doubt and attack he had suffered in France when he was first published. André Guyaux will expound on how French readers regard Baudelaire and how the mainstream opinion has changed. Yang Zhen, on the other hand, will focus on China and analyze how the choice and criticism of the translation of Baudelaire in different times reflects the vicissitudes of China’s modern history in the 20th century, and how Baudelaire has informed poetry writing and criticism in China.

About the guest

Yang Zhen

Yang Zhen is a scholar and Associate Professor of French Language and Literature at Fudan University. His research interests include French literature and cultural history of Shanghai.

André Guyaux

André Guyaux is a Professor at the University Paris-Sorbonne and member of Royal Academy of French Language and Literature of Belgium.