Poetry Comes to Museum LXXIV


Activity Curator

Wang Yin


Hu Sang


Feng Yan

Meet the Poetry of Feng Yan

Poet: Feng Yan
Planner: Wang Yin
Host: Hu Sang
Date: June 12, 2021
Time: 14:30-16:30
Location: Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum
Transportation: Wenshui Road Station, Exit 3, Metro Line 1

Notice:For public health security, please make a real-name preservation and bring your ID for admission of the event. Please wait in line to get your temperature measured, hands sanitized, and information registered with the help of our staff. Please wear a face mask during the event. If you are experiencing a fever, coughing, or short breath, please understand that admission is not granted.

Feng Yan is one of the contemporary representative poets whose character stands out. Since she began writing poetry in the early 1980s, she has been continuingly experimenting on the language and exploring her inner world. All these years she has been keep going forward with incredible passion towards writing as well as endurance against self-doubting. Her poetry is preciously insightful and critical, sharp and wise, proud yet not dark, lively and saturated, juicy yet light. In Feng Yan’s opinion, poetry writing in the current information booming era should embrace innovation to create something new, and therefore it needs to depart from where it is and where it is from. Her perspectives are a mix of looking up and looking down, which highlight her poetry with a proud that overlooks death and a humbleness that sees herself as an equal being with everything else. Therefore, her poetry has significance meaning in this chaotic time.

Open Call: Voices for “Poetry Comes to Museum”

Submission deadline: June 10, 24:00

Script to be read

Feng Yan’s selected poems (poet of Poetry Comes to Museum LXXIV)

How to submit
1.Email your audio file to mspe@minshengart.com (background music is optional).
2.Please attach your information, including your name, contact info, and confirmation of attending the June 12 poetry event in Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum.

Three excellent readers will each win a signed copy of Feng Yan’s poetry collection Mirror Image.

*Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum reserves all the final rights of explanation.

Mirror Image

Author: Feng Yan
Publisher: The Commercial Press
Published Time: 2016

This collection covers over 50 poems written by Feng Yan in the latest 10 years. They are written with diverse methods and styles: some of them are a combination of narration and expression, others are experiments on romanticism, expressionism, sur-realism, etc. In this collection, Feng Yan has embedded the gem of her thoughts inside the chosen words, including her observation of life, urban living, philosophy, and cosmic. She has created unique linguistic spectacles with poetry. Aside from these poems, the collection also includes her essays and interviews about poetry writing, which might help readers to better understand Feng Yan’s creative thinking.


Feng Yan

Contemporary poet and essayist. She started writing since 1980s. She is the author of Feng Yan’s Lyrical Poem Collection, The Secret of the Land, The Invisible Realness, The Kaleidoscopic Order, Feng Yan’s Poems, Mirror Image (entitled by The Commercial Press as one of the ten best books in 2016), The Light Colliding onto Objects, Penetrating through Ice and Reaching Water, etc. She also writes About the Past, The Border Line, Little Moon, Spiritual Butterfly, Anxiety is Like a Night Train, etc. She has won Top 10 poet by Fang Cao Chinese Poetry Magazine, October Poetry Award, 2nd Changjiang Literature & Perfect (China) Co. Ltd Literature Award, 1st Su Manshu Poetry Award, 1st Chinese Long Poem Award, First Prize of Essay at 12th Macau Literature Competition, etc. Her works entered the 1st Chinese Excellent Poet Seminar—“Unlimited Words: Feng Yan’s Poetry Seminar.” Her works have been translated into English, Japanese, Russian, and Swedish. Over the years, she has been travelling to tens of countries and been invited to various poetry festivals, recitals, lectures and academic events.


Hu Sang

Chinese poet and translator. He was born in Deqing, Zhejiang in 1981. From 2012 to 2013 he was the visitor scholar at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn. In 2014 he obtained his PhD of Philosophy at Tongji University. Since 2020, he has been the invited researcher of National Museum of Modern Chinese Literature. He is the author of The Shape Giver (2014) and dissertation collection Watching People Across the Abyss (2016). He has translated works by Wislawa Szymborska, W. H. Auden, and Robert Lowell, etc. Hu Sang is now teaching at School of Humanities, Tongji University.


Wang Yin

A poet, writer, photographer. Author of Poetry of Wang Yin, Lime Light, etc. Winner of Jiang Nan Poetry Prize, Dong Dang Zi Poetry Award. His works have been published in more than 10 languages oversea.