【Minsheng Workshop】Spice It Up with Art


Minsheng Workshop




Ways of Expressions

Tutor: Kelly Donovan
Time: March 13, Saturday, 14:30-16:30
Location: Multimedia Hall 1F, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum
Language: English
Exclusively for English teachers of Grade 7-12 and English professors in college
Maximum number of participants: 30


  1. For the public health and safety, the event requires real-name registration.
  2. Please bring your ID and wait in line at the admission.
  3. Before your entrance, you should get your temperature measured and register your information at reception.
  4. Please wear a face mask the whole time during your visit. If you are experiencing a fever, cough, or short of breath, please understand that admission will not be granted.
  5. Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the event.

Please show your ticket at the entrance. Tickets are non-refundable.

There is a saying in English: “A picture is worth a thousand words,” meaning that complex and sometimes multiple ideas can be conveyed by a single still image. What if we add the visual art elements, such as shapes and images, into our text? Will it help raise the efficiency and accuracy of our language?

The Scream by Edvard Munch, 1893

Norwegian Expressionist artist Edvard Munch was famous for his painting The Scream. Munch describes the story in a handwritten poem: “I was walking along the road with two Friends / the Sun was setting – The Skey turned a bloody red / And I fekt a whiff if Melancholy – I stood / Still, deathly tired – over the blue-black / Fjord and City hung Blood and Tongues of Fire / My Friends walked on – I remained behind / – shivering with Anxiety – I felt the great Scream in Nature – EM.”
Even if one who has not read this poem, or has any background knowledge of the painting, which is based on the Krakatau vocalno eruption in 1883, one can still be hit by the anxiety and unsettling emotions watching this painting. Its blazing hues of orange contrasting the dark aura of the scene, the skeleton like figures, the twisted lines… everything in the painting is screaming out angst without words. It might be a perfect example of how art can convey the complicated feelings and touch souls without words.

This workshop is to explore language with art. It is open exclusively to English teachers of Grade 7-12 and English professors in college. Kelly Donovan, lecturer of NYU Shanghai, will be the tutor of this workshop and guide the participants to explore and discuss about the pedagogy of combining visual art and performance art into creative writing and language using. The participants will be divided into groups to solve different subjects with teamwork. The workshop will be a fascinating Western style language session, in which everyone will brainstorm and produce creative solution for curriculum design.


The participants will share about their experience of using art in teaching languages.

Why art?

Presentation of art elements pedagogy and interaction with fun.

How to build the curriculum design with “art-language”

Relative online resources for including art into curriculum


Kelly Donovan

Originally from North Carolina, Kelly Donovan has spent much of her professional and academic career in China. She joined NYU Shanghai in 2020 as a Lecturer of English for Academic Purposes.
Prior to joining NYU Shanghai, Ms. Donovan was a participant in the English Language Fellow Program, a U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs exchange program. She was hosted by Qufu Normal University (QFNU) in Shandong, China from 2018 to 2020. During this time, Ms. Donovan traveled extensively around China conducting teacher training workshops and hosting English language teaching conferences. While at QFNU, she taught oral English, intercultural communicative competence, and extensive reading courses.
She is a member of the International TESOL Organization and proud supporter of The International Research Foundation for English Language Education (TIRF).