Kids Museum: A Doll that Tells






Attendance: 15 families (an adult and a child)
: Sunday, May 9, 2021
Time: 14:00-16:30
Location: Multimedia Hall (1F), Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum


.For the public health, the event requires real-name registration.
.Please bring your ID and wait in line at the admission.
.Before your entrance, you should get your temperature measured and register your information.
.Please wear a face mask the whole time during your visit. If you are experiencing a fever, cough, or short of breath, please understand that admission will not be granted.
.Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the event.

Fabric is one of the most intimate materials that we live with every day, while sewing is a simple action that accumulates thousands of years of human intelligence. From the Neolithic spicule to the modern twisted threads and spinning wheels, from silk farming and cotton growing to the modern age spinning and cloth making, sewing embodies the progress of human civilization.

Detail shots from Climbing Up the Mountain, Climbing Down the Mountain by Ji Wenyu & Zhu Weibing
Image from

Weapon by Yin Xiuzhen, 2003-2007, old clothes and everyday materials
Image from PACE Gallery

Fabric is one of the media used by lots of contemporary artists. In their hands, a piece of ripped canvas can be made into art, old clothes can be made into soft sculpture, and the human-figure dolls can also be art. The artist duo Ji Wenyu & Zhu Weibing once mentioned that the characteristics of fabric are always testing the creative sensitivity of artists. When you deal with fabric, something that defies control, a creative idea may grow during the creative process, which may be filled with the accidents. Meanwhile, Yin Xiuzhen uses old clothes as her materials. In this way, she is able to freeze time and converse with the individuals of groups of a certain time.

There are plenty of various ways to be creative, while using fabrics can be as free as using a brush. In this workshop, the participants are going to utilize fabrics to make their unique dolls. This workshop is based on the current exhibition “Hole: Ma Ke’s Paintings.” It is aimed to inspiring the imaginative world of the participating children with Ma Ke’s visual styles and experiments.

This is the first representational painting by Thumtack, Kaikai’s son. She made it into a doll.

From Ma Ke’s perspective, the essence of art is its own strength, and viewing a painting is searching for the rhythm or melody that connects the viewer to the work. In an era that images bombard our screens and retinas, we are accustomed to reading a work the way we read a picture, but art needs to felt rather than being seen. Since children own the purest sensibility, this workshop is going to guide them to express the notion of forms, shapes, and colors. Their dolls will present their artistic thoughts, which may open various possibilities for their future creative practice.

What we will do during the workshop:

  1. Learn about how to make a doll from a painting. Explore different ways of artistic expressions.
  2. The participants draw the design draft for their dolls.
  3. Under the instructions, the parents cut fabrics according to the shape of the doll, before sewing and stuffing it.
  4. Parents and children decorate the dolls with acrylic.
  5. The children present their dolls.


It is important to understand that the art of living comes from details of the daily life. In an era of information booming, let’s filter the extra information and look at life as it is.

1.Understand that “art is a kind of living attitude.”
2.Develop sensibility.
3.Protect and train your imagination.
4.Learn to think and convert.
5.Find the best way to express yourself.
6.Keep digging into your aesthetics.
7.Don’t forget that you are an excellent art work!

About the guest


She is a self-publishing designer and the author of Children Who Turn into Seeds. Graduated from Central Academy Of Fine Arts, Kaikai was a planner and editor for 7 years. In 2019, she founded SHU SHU studio, which is dedicated to producing self-publications and merches about children’s growth. Most of her works are stories and reflections of children.