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Zac Zeng

Wearing Andy Warhol

Tutor: Zac Zeng
Time: March 6, Saturday, 14:30-16:30
Location: Multimedia Hall 1F, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum
Maximum number of participants: 25 families (suggested age: 6-10)


  1. Each child needs to be accompanied by a guardian. Each family can only buy one ticket (for one adult and one child). If two guardians are joining this event, please buy the extra one ticket at the museum reception.
  2. Please show your ticket at admission. If you are absent for personal reasons, the tickets are non-refundable.
  3. Upon signing up, please send the participants’ name, WeChat account, mobile number, and the screenshot of purchase to mspe@minshengart.com. Our staff will contact you in advance to customize your materials for this event.

Notice:For public health security, please make a real-name preservation and bring your ID for admission of the event. Please wait in line to get your temperature measured, hands sanitized, and information registered with the help of our staff. Please wear a face mask during the event. If you are experiencing a fever, coughing, or short breath, please understand that admission is not granted.

Andy Warhol once said, “Fashion was not what you wore some place anymore; it was the whole reason for going.” He has an eye for the fashion trend: the patterns from his art have been widely used in covers, clothing, shoes, perfume bottles, and even movie posters. Andy Warhol turned art from untouchable to amiable. In this workshop, we invite parents and children to make their own fashion with Andy Warhol’s patterns to present a “professional” runway show in the museum in honor of Andy Warhol and Pop art. 

Pop art has been an inspiring muse and a visual focus for lots of fashion designers. As the “god father of Pop art,” Andy Warhol is an indispensable influence. Even if you have no previous knowledge about his Pop art patterns or his “fifteen-minute famous” saying, you must have been seen his work somewhere.

As one of the key figures in contemporary art, Andy Warhol was deeply connected with fashion world all his life. He started his career as an illustrator for Harper’s Bazaar and soon became working with lots of influential fashion magazines. His own fashion magazine Interview was where fashion talents make their first debut, and his partners of his studio The Factory all became fashion idols.

Art is Art. Fashion is Fashion. However, Andy Warhol proved that they can exist together.” Said Karl Lagerfeld in an interview with New York Times. Warhol’s genius lies in his boundary-breaking talents, and thus his creative concepts have been brought in the spotlight over and over again. Numerous brands have created new products based on Warhol’s patterns which broke their best-selling records. These processes complys to what Pop art believes: art is from life and thus art can go back to daily life; art is replicable so that more people can feel it and enjoy it. For this event, fashion designer Zac Zeng is the guest tutor, who will guide the families to undergo their desgin and styling with ready-mades, fabric collage, art graffiti, etc. The participating families will join a boundary-breaking conversation with artists while they go across the museum space in their own desgin. Are you ready to become the “fifteen-minute satr” on the museum runway?

What you need to know before participation:

Who is Andy Warhol? What is Pop art?
Please visit “The Pop Image—Andy Warhol’s 1962-1987” as well as the museum’s runway. It may help you to think more like a participant than just a visitor.

What to wear? It’s up to you!
You are suggested to get to know about relative materials and tools. You are goingto brainstorm and learn to design in this workshop.

Designers or models?
You are going to seek inspiration from Andy Warhol’s works. After some bold adjustment and innovations, each family (one adult and one kid) is goingto walk on the runway in their design hand in hand.

The museum is going to become a runway just for you!

  1. The participants can bring their own fabrics for collage. There is no limitation on the patterns and colors.
  2. Needles and scissors will be used in the workshop. Children must be accompanied by their parents. Please be safe.
  3. The participants who will walk on the runway (one adult and one child each family) should wear white or black sportswear and white shoes to the event. Mothers should wear makeups and fathers should get their hair done before coming to this event.
  4. Feel free to bring any matching accessories (wigs, glasses, or items that match with sportswear).
About the tutor

Zac Zeng

Founder of Nomoretouch, and the Creative Director of LYFY. He was born in a fashion family and graduated from art school. In college, he won the Huafu Prize of China Fashion Week and he was the stylist for a TV show aired by Hunan TV. Having been a stylist on television, designer at VICUTU, and Creative Director at ELLE HOMME, Zac Zeng founded his label F/FFFFFF in 2017, which was on the runway of Shanghai Fahion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Milan Fashion Week. In 2019, he founded his own designer brand Nomoretouch, which was invited to join the Fashion Hub of Italian Chamber of Fashion. As one of the fashion designers representing China, Zac Zeng’s desgin was on the Runway and in the Showroom of Milan Fashion Week. In 2020, he jointed LYFY as the Creative Director. Zac Zeng belives that fashion is a heritage that combines technique and art, a soul-touching language without words. His name has been on the articles of over 100 international press.