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Minsheng Lecture



Han Bo


Li Haipeng, Qin Sanshu, Sha Ding, Su Huatian, Su Xian, Ying Chuan

Sharing of “Lu Shi Cong” Young Poet

Sunday. January 12, 2020 14:30—16:30
Multimedia Interactive Hall (1F), Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum
Host: Han Bo
Guests: Li Haipeng, Qin Sanshu, Sha Ding, Su Huatian, Su Xian, Ying Chuan

The 100 years history of Chinese new poetry is neither too short or too long. Yet in these 100 years, the two words “youth” and “poetry” often tangles with each other. The sharpest avant-garde language practice, the most vigorous poetic language, the essential event that cross the border of space, time, and language, often are written by young poets. If it was true that “every generation has its own literature”, then we must pay special attention to the young poems of every generation.
The “Lu Poetry Collection” published in 2019 is aimed at summarizing the shining young stars that surprise the poetry community. The collection has evoked a big splash. It is co-edited by famous poet and critic Yang Xiaobin, Zhu Yu. The first volume collects the works of 6 young poets: Li Haipeng, Qin Sanshu, Sha Ding, Su Huatian, Su Xian, and Ying Chuan. As the representative poets of new generation, some of them reveal the rejoice when poetry meets life, presenting the tenacity of life and poetry; others study the dynamics of language in an attempt to outline the specific features of Chinese new poems. Some poets comb the daily experience of contemporary life, digging the personal history, others reshape the relationship between oneself and the world, confirming and reliving the present moment with sincere words. The collection also contain works that critically discuss about the inner and outer problems, with proper optimism and sense of crisis, as well as poems that observes the contrasts of love and death, loneliness and collectiveness, eternity and ephemerality, indefinite and definite, reality and heaven, etc.
To some extent, these poems reveal the gaze to oneself, the others, and the world, becoming a part of the contemporary spiritual map. As a result, the “Lu Poem Collection” receives compliments from numerous publications and academic institutions. On January 12, 2020, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum invites 6 young poets—Li Haipeng, Qin Sanshu, Sha Ding, Su Huatian, Su Xian, and Ying Chuan, and the famous poets and artist Han Bo to talk about poetry. They are going to talk about the most tempting yet most confusing topics of poetry. They are also going to unfold the mysteries of poetry with the audience, kindling the passion for poetry in the audience’s heart.

The guests

Han Bo

Han Bo is an acclaimed poet, playwright, travel writer, and artist. He is the author of five collections of poetry and five books of travel writing documenting his travels throughout Europe and Asia. His work has been translated into English, French, German among other languages. His 2013 poetry collection,飛去來寺 (Fly to the Temple) includes the “China Eastern Railway” cycle. He has participated in programs and residency programs at the University of Iowa’s International Writing Program, the Vermont Studio Center Literature in Translation Program, the Avignon European Poetry Center, the Berlin International Poetry Festival and the Paris French-English Poetry Festival. Han Bo is the recipient of China’s Liu Li’an Poetry Prize, among other awards. He is also the author of over ten works of drama and is the founder of Shanghai’s Night Stage Drama Studio.

Li Haipeng

Li Haipeng, born in March, 1990, in Shenyang city, Liaoning province, is a Ph.D of Literature. He studied in Minzu University of China and Renmin University of China from 2008 to 2019. He is now the research assistant in School of Arts and Chinese Modern Literature Research Center of Nanjing University and his main research interests include Chinese modern poetry, comparative poetics, translation poetics and contemporary poetry. Li Haipeng also works on poetry creation and translation. His research papers have been published in Contemporary Writers Review, The Yangtze River Criticism, Shanghai Culture, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Review and Chinese Literature Today. His works of poems and translations have appeared in Poetry Periodical, Xingxing, Shanghai Literature, Enclave and other magazines. His collection of poetry Legend of a Lucky Dog was published by China Youth Press in December, 2018 and Struggling for Prosperity was published by Showwe Press in Taiwan in September, 2019.


Qin Sanshu

Born in 1991 in Jiangsu Province, China, Qin Sanshu is the author of the poetry collection, Farther than the Map (2016), and has been an editor of the serial magazine Enclave since 2014. He won the Rou-Gang poetry prize (2014), the Young Poets’ Awards from Poetry East West (2015) and from Yangtze River & Poetry Monthly (2016), the Annual Poets’ Award for Global Chinese College Students (2016), the Wei-Ming Poetry Prize from Peking University (2017) and the Zi-Jin Award from People’s Literature (2017), among others. As a translator for a dozen Anglophone and Francophone poets, Qin Sanshu’s most recent translations of Yves Bonnefoy’s Les Planches Courbes and Le Corbusier’s Poème de l’Angle Droit are forthcoming. He co-founded “Libraire de Douve”, an independent publisher committed to promoting Chinese poetry among younger generations. Living in Paris, he is currently a Ph.D. candidate in French literature at the École normale supérieure.

Sha Ding

Born in 1990 in Guilin, Guangxi Province. Graduated from Tongji University, Department of Chinese. He was a Chinese teacher for two years. Currently he is a Ph.D. candidate in Chinese Literature at Peking University. He was the leader of the Tongji Poetry Society, Leader of Wusi Literature Society of Peking University. He won the 2015 Yangtze River Young Poet Award, 2015 China Times Literary Award, 2013 Wei-ming Poetry Award, etc.

Su Huatian

Born in 1991 in Henan Province. At a young age, he moved to Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps. Graduated from Department of English Language and Literature, Peking University. He is a poet, translator, and novelist. His works have been published at Shikan magazine, Shilin magazine, Shanghai Literature, Shijianshe magazine, etc. He won the 2013 Wei-ming Poetry Award, the 2013 Sakura Poetry Award organized by Wuhan University. He was the leader of Wusi Literature of Peking University. Currently he works at a magazine in Beijing.

Su Xian

Born in 1993. He is a poet, a translator, and literary critic. Graduated from Department of Chinese Literature, Fudan University. He has obtained a bachelor and master degree of Literature. He won the 2018 Young Poet Award by Enclave Poetry Prize, the 2017 Xing Xing University Student Poet Award, 2016 Hu Shi Young Poet Award, 2015 Wei-ming Poetry Prize, 2013 Guanghua Poetry Prize, etc.

Ying Chuan

Poet. Born in the summer of 1991 in Shanghai. Since 2015, he has been the editor of Enclave magazine. He has been the vice editor of Enclave APP from 2016 to 2018. He won the Guanghua Poetry Award in 2013. He authored the poetry collection On the Sea (Douve Library. 2014). His works have been published at Shikan, Shanghai Literature, Stars, Contemporary Poetry, Shijianshe, Wild Grass, Wei-ming Lake. He is obsessed with order, construction, and installations. A volunteer experiencer and player.