Poetry Comes to Museum LXX:


Activity Curator

Wang Yin


Sun Changjian


Jiang Libo

Meet the Poetry of Jiang Libo

Poet: Jiang Libo
Planner: Wang Yan
Host: Sun Changjian
Time: January 16, 2021, 14:30-16:30
Location: Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum (Xinye Fang Building 3, Wenshui Road 210, Jing’an District)
Transportation tips: Exit 3, Wenshui Road Station, Line 1

For public health security, please make a real-name preservation and bring your ID for admission of the event. Please wait in line to get your temperature measured, hands sanitized, and information registered with the help of our staff. Please wear a face mask during the event. If you are experiencing a fever, coughing, or short breath, please understand that admission is not granted.

The guest of Poetry Comes to Museum LXX is poet Jiang Libo, who has been searching on his own on the margin of poetry since he started to write poems in the 1980s. Jiang Libo’s poetry has indispensably enriched the extensity, inclusiveness, and expressiveness of Chinese poetry. He uses adventurous, deconstructive, and eloquent words to form a structure that is “pre-narrative” and “pan-description.” His poetry digs deep into reality and existence, non-stop measuring and exploring between words and objects. He uses slow tempo and sophisticated metaphors. But the refined writing skills is not what his only pursuit, but the wishful will to seek for the truth.

Voice recruiting for “Poetry Comes to Museum”

Submission time

From this day to January 14, 24:00

Script to be read

Jiang Libo’s selected poems (poet of Poetry Comes to Museum LXX)

How to submit
1.Email your audio file to
mspe@minshengart.com (background music is optional).
2.Please attach your information, including your name, contact info, and confirmation of attending the March 20 poetry event in Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum.

Three excellent readers will win Jiang Libo’s poetry collection
Mist and Index.

*Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum reserves all the final rights of explanation.

Mist and Index 

Author: Jiang Libo
Publisher: Beiyue Literature & Art Publishing House
Publishing time: October, 2020

Jiang Libo’s Mist and Index is his poems collection which contains about 120 poems written in recent years. These are the essence of his exploration of words and personal expression. Most of these poems are written in subtlety, but they are not limited to simple retelling of reality and experience. Instead, they use intelligent eyes and clever imagination to shape flowing emotions, thus presenting a collection of criticism, rebuttal, and cross-examination, appeal, prayer, and blessing are equal to a unique rhetorical style. His poems are believed to "maintain the precious balance between speech and silence, rhetoric and spirituality, and at certain close moments, they make uncomfortable, sharp sounds that linger in our ears from time to time."


Jiang Libo

Also known as Chen Jianong. Born in Shengzhou, Zhejiang. He founded numerous journals with friends, such as Wheatgrass, The White Birds Poetry, Wednesday, Line Crossing, etc. He is the winner of Rougang Poetry Award (2015), Tuwei Annual Poet (2019), Naji Naaman International Literature Prize (2020), etc. He is author of The Folded Moon (1992), Key to Consonants (2015), Tea House of the Empire (2017) and Mist and Index (2020). His works have been translated to English, French, Greece, Spanish, and Italian. He lives in the outer suburbs of Hangzhou.


Sun Changjian

A writer and poet. Currently he works in the press. He has written and published more than 30 kinds of works of various genres. In recent years, he has shifted from fiction to documentary, focusing on urban cultural and historical themes. However, he still likes to branch out the text, which he regards as the first level of literary creation


Wang Yin

A poet, writer, photographer. Author of Poetry of Wang Yin, Lime Light, etc. Winner of Jiang Nan Poetry Prize, Dong Dang Zi Poetry Award. His works have been published in more than 10 languages oversea.