Poetry Comes to Museum LVIX


Activity Curator

Wang Yin


Hu Xudong


Sun Lei

Meet the Poetry of Sun Lei

Poet: Sun Lei
Planner: Wang Yan
Host: Hu Xudong
Date: August 10, 2019 Saturday 14:30-16:30
Venue: Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum (Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum (Xinyefang 3, Wenshui Road 210, Jing’an District)
Transportation tips: Exit 3, Wenshui Road Station, Metro Line 1

Poetry Comes to Museum LVIX invites Sun Lei, a poet and artist, to be the guest poet. He has been committed to be professional and open to various experience during years of artistic exploration, frequently switching practice methods. Engaged in poetry and art, he often separately practices in the two fields, yet also learn from one another. After all, both poetry and art contain chronical beats: what words and image to poetry is what thoughts and objects to art.

The Poet

Sun Lei

Sun Lei was born in 1971. He is a poet, an artist, and a professor of Shandong University of Arts. He is the winner of the “10th Rougang Poetry Award,” the “2003 China’s Best Poet Award,” “1979-2005 China’s Top Ten Poet Award,” “2011 Zero Point Extraordinary Literature Poet Award,” “2017 Jinan Province Cultural Influential Award,” “2017 Avant-Garde Poetry Award,” etc. His works have been translated into English, French, Spanish, German, Korean. Participated in Peking University Untitled Poetry Award, Nordic Art Festival, Boston International Poetry Festival, China Millennium Monument International Poetry Festival, Qinghai International Poetry Festival, East Asia Poetry Festival, etc. Authored numerous poem collections. He is now living and working in Beijing and Jinan.

About the Host

Hu XuDong

A poet, scholar, translator. Studied at Peking University from 1991-2002, and currently teaching at School of Foreign Language, Peking University.


About the Planner

Wang Yin

A poet, writer, photographer. Planner of “Poetry Comes to Museum.” Authored poetry collection Poetry of Wang Yin, Lime Light, etc. Winner of Jiang Nan Poetry Prize, Dong Dang Zi Poetry Award. His works have been published in more than 10 languages oversea.