Create with Body: Creating Material and Structure


Minsheng Workshop



Tu Youzhen


Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai International Dance Centre, Xie Xin Dance Theatre

Tutor: Tu Youzhen
Date: Saturday, November 16, 2019
Time: 16:00-17:00
Number of participants: 25 at most
Participants should be above 15 years old
The event is free of charge
Venue: Multimedia Interactive Hall, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum
Organizers: Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai International Dance Centre, Xie Xin Dance Theatre

This event is the 11th 2019 “Discovering Body” charity workshop co-organized by Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai International Dance Centre, and Xie Xin Dance Theatre. This time dancer Tu Youzhen from Xie Xin Dance Theatre is invited to be the tutor, and to guide the participants to discover the unlimited possibilities of our bodies. This event is going to unlock the physical connection that you have never seen and felt, bringing a new discussion into the museum.


Technique of Physical Connection: Create with Body—Creating Material and Structure

1.Discuss about the individuality and subjectivity of creation.
2.Discuss about the possible obstacle in creation: time, sound, space, material creation, structure construction, etc.
3.Create material as a whole, as an individual, in a group of two, respectively. Talk about how you feel after each creating process.


1.To participate into this series of workshop, one must apply for himself or herself.
2.Please wear something flexible and soft and athlete-friendly, such as thick stockings.
3.Please sign up 15 minutes before the start of the event. Entry is not allowed for latecomers.
4.Please do not bring any colored, sugary drinks or food into the theatre.
5.For a better workshop environment, photography is forbidden.



Tu Youzhen

A fulltime dancer at Xie Xin Dance Theatre. Graduated in 2017 from School of Dance at University of Taipei Boai Campus. In 2019 she performed in “From In” in Germany, France, and Croatia. She performed in “The Conversation between Human and Robot” and “Micro-dust” (choreographed by Chen shuyun) at the annual exhibition of University of Taipei, “Flowing Clouds” choreographed by Lin Wenzhong at the graduation exhibition of University of Taipei, “Gathering of Saliva” at 2018 Taipei Fringe Festival, “The Life of Flower”, “Pollard Script” at Water Reflection Dance Ensemble in 2018. In 2017, she performed in “Long River”, “The Wind Rises”, “Touch” with WCdance. In 2016, she performed “Wave” at Guangzhou Dance Festival. In 2015 she participated at Beijing Dance Festival, “Le Petit Prince” with Neo-Classic Dance Company. Co-choreographed “Thoughts in Mind” performed in 2014 Taipei Fringe Festival.