Minsheng Lecture :Reflecting on Ourselves and Gazing the World


Minsheng Lecture



Cao Kefan


Zhao Lihong, Ouyang Jianghe, Zang Yongqing, Liu Jiazhen

Launching Ceremony of Zhao Lihong’s Deformation and Poetry Manual Scripts Exhibition

Launching:14:30—16:30, July 11, Sunday
Guests: Zhao Lihong, Ouyang Jianghe, Zang Yongqing
Host: Cao Kefan
Reciter: Liu Jiazhen

Manual Scripts and Poetry Collection Exhibition
13:00-18:00, July 11-July 16, 2021
Location: Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum

.For the public health, the event requires real-name registration.
.Please bring your ID and wait in line at the admission.
.Before your entrance, you should get your temperature measured and register your information.
.Please wear a face mask the whole time during your visit. If you are experiencing a fever, cough, or short of breath, please understand that admission will not be granted.
.Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the event.

Milan Kundera once said, the reason that literature exists is to light up our world eternally, to protect us from falling into the oblivion. Walking within the buzzing world filled with desire and confusion, how should we get along with our lives, our time, or even ourselves? As a well-known master of Chinese literature, Zhao Lihong writes as the messenger of truth. His words are inspiring and warm. Since his first book Coral was published in 1982, he has authored over a hundred books covering poetry, essays, novels, biographies, and children’s books. His works have been translated into numerous languages and published abroad.

Over the years, Zhao Lihong has been sticking to handwriting poems as well as drawing on his manual scripts, which delicately captures the details of his creative process. In his manual scripts, common things become the symbols of life. Even the invisible, such as smells and tactile feelings, are transformed to the poetic beings in his text. He extracts his living experience and polishes them into poetry. In those words that are simple but not plain, he searches for the essence of life, revealing a clear spiritual world. But what he focuses on is not only the details of life, but more about caring for the greater world and humankind. His poetry fuses mythology, reality and dream, memory and history, questioning about life at the level of body and soul. He illuminates the situation, feelings, dreams, and pursuit of modern people. His inquiries about death and soul implies an awareness of life. He thinks about what the famous thinkers thought about, which refers to the complexity of human thoughts, and the vulnerability of human life.

Deformation, published by People’s Literature Publishing House, is Zhao Lihong’s latest work, which covers 66 new works written in two years. In this book, Zhao transformed various images of the occurrence he has encountered in 70 years into signifying symbols. In this way, he reveals the depth of humanity and the width of historical culture in a sincere way, showing the relationship between human, life, world, and time. “Reflecting on Ourselves and Gazing the World: Launching of Zhao Lihong’s Deformation and Poetry Manual Scripts Exhibition” organized by Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum and People’s Literature Publishing House, and co-organized by Jing’an Library will invite the well-known essayist and poet Zhao Lihong, host Cao Kefan, poet Ouyang Jianghe, director of People’s Literature Publishing House Zang Yongqing, and the famous voice actor and show host of Shanghai Media Group Liu Jiazhen to the museum. They will share their diverse perspectives on this poetry collection and on the meaning of living and writing. This event aims to showcase the beauty of soul as well as Zhao Lihong’s mastery of words through exhibiting Zhao Lihong’s poetry collection and manual scripts.

This exhibition features Zhao Lihong’s manual scripts of Pains and Deformation, as well as more than 10 poetry collections. Pains, a poetry collection that touches upon the bottom of humanity, has been translated and published in more than 10 languages. The foreign translation of Pains will also be exhibited in this event. Syrian-Lebanese poet Adonis, who was also a guest poet of “Poetry Comes to Museum,” wrote in the foreword of Pains: "They combine to form a flock of butterflies, flying from wounds of the past, through thunder and sunshine, the struggles and consequences, to a land of peace and openness.” In his latest poerty collection Deformation, he praises the beauty of simple life through conversing with the greater world and showing the diversity of the world and the kaleidoscopic sensitivity of human mind. Through these manual scripts, we may get a glimpse of Zhao’s creative secrets and his process.


Zhao Lihong

Zhao is a poet and essayist. Zhao has published more than 90 works in poetry, prose and report literature, and his works have been translated into English, French, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, and Serbian. He was awarded the Smederevo Golden Key in Serbia at the 44th Smederevo Poets' Autumn Festival in October 2013. In 2014, Zhao received the Outstanding Contribution to Shanghai Culture & Arts Award issued by the Shanghai government. He currently resides in Shanghai. In 2019, he won the Romanian “Mihai Eminescu” National Poetry Award and an Active Member of the European Academy diploma by the European Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters.

Ouyang Jianghe

Ouyang Jianghe is a renowned Chinese poet, critic of poetry and culture and calligrapher and is Director of the publication Today and a professor at Beijing Normal University. By far his published works include 13 Chinese poetry colletions, 4 in German, 2 in English, 1 in French, Arabic, and 3 in Spanish. He has lectured and recited in over 50 universities over the world. His works have also been published in German, English and French. He was awarded the Chinese Literature Media Award in Poetry, the Silver Willow Award by University of Cambridge, October Literature Award, Fangcao Poetry Awar, and the Xu Zhimo Poetry Prize, etc. Ouyang Jianghe is seen as the most remarkable representative of the Chinese New Poetry Movement since the 1980’s. His writing style and ideology on poetry display contemporary art characteristics and have generated a huge and ongoing impact on society.

Zang Yongqing

Zang is a member of Communist Party of China and China Association for Promoting Democracy. He owns a master’s degree in literature and is a senior editor. He has worked as an editor of Art Panorama, vice director and editorial director of Liaoning People’s Publishing House, vice chief editor of Chunfeng Literature and Art Publishing House, vice director of CITIC Press, chief editor and director of Modern Press, vice director of Yanjiu Press. He is now the executive board member and director of People’s Literature Publishing House, executive board member of China Publishing Kunlun Company. Zang is the leading talent of China’s publishing industry, Four Yipi Talent entitled by The Publicity Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and a special expert. He is also a member of The National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and the vice director of China Association for Promoting Democracy Central Publishing Committee.


Cao Kefan

Cao is a famous Chinese television presenter and essayist. He is the winner of “China’s Golden Microphone Award.” He is now the vice president of Shanghai Television Artist Association, and the director of Shanghai Writers Association. He is also the gust professor of Tongji University, and a deputy to the National People’s Congress.

Guest Reciter

Liu Jiazhen

Liu Jiazhen is a famous voice actor and presenter of the Shanghai Radio and TV Stationary Channel program. He is also a national first-class actor who has shaped thousands of vivid characters for foreign films. His works have won numerous Flying Apsaras Awards. Since 1993, he has been the show host of Documentary Channel of Shanghai Media Group and won titles of “Excellent Host” and “Famous Host.” He participated in the production of over 20 TV series or movies, including Black Ice, Meeting in the Dark, Blue Calla Lily, Brainstorm, Lu Zuofu, Nonchalant, etc. He has been riciting and performing frequently in the poetry programs aired by CCTV-4. He is now the vice director of Shanghai Recital Association.

About the new book


Author: Zhao Lihong

Publisher: People’s Literature Publishing House

Published date: April, 2021

★ The latest poetry collection of the international poetry award winner, well-known poet Zhao Lihong.

★  Recommended by CCTV “Reading” program.

★  The first Cinese poet who won the Romanian “Mihai Eminescu” National Poetry Award. His works have been published in 15 languages all over the world.

★  Self-transcending of the phenomenal Chinese poet.

★  Double hard covers with abundant delicate manual scripts.

★ “His poetry makes you feel beauty and eternity, as well as the vast of nature.” Romanian “Mihai Eminescu” National Poetry Award Speech

The famous poet Zhao Lihong's brand-new work written over two years, with the abundant and pioneering 66 new poems. It is an important reform in his poetry writing career. Looking back at self, looking into life, and thinking about the world, he gathers words into a beam of light exploring the hidden places in this book.