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Lorenz Helbing, Mathieu Borysevicz, Simon Wang

Evolve and Succeed

Host: Ling Min
Guests: Lorenz Helbing, Mathieu Borysevicz, Simon Wang
Date: December 26, 2020
Time: 14:00-16:00
Venue: Multimedia Hall 1F, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum


.For the public health, the event requires real-name registration.
.Please bring your ID and wait in line at the admission.
.Before your entrance, you should get your temperature measured and register your information.
.Please wear a face mask the whole time during your visit. If you are experiencing a fever, cough, or short of breath, please understand that admission will not be granted.
.Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the event.

About the Lecture

On December 18, 2020, the 2020 John Moores Painting Prize (China) Exhibition was opened in Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum. Established in 1957, John Moores Painting Prize is one of the most important international art prizes. Past prize winners include David Hockney, Peter Doig, and Richard Hamilton. The judges of this year’s competition include Allison Katz, Sarah Morris, Caragh Thuring, Zhang Xiaogang, and Zhang Peili. After three rounds of jury selection, 88 paintings out of 3,166 total entries were chosen by the expert jurors to be exhibited from December to February.
Since the first John Moores Painting Prize (China) was held in 2010, it has been a decade of success. 2020 witnessed the start of a second decade for this competition. Due to the global pandemic, the sixth John Moores Painting Prize (China) has faced unprecedented challenges; nevertheless, the competition and exhibition planning have been a success. What makes John Moores Painting Prize (China) distinguished is the constant support and the international visibility it provides for the prize winners. Just like a gallery, this competition regards artists as potentials that need nurturing. However, a competition functions differently from a gallery, and thus it influences artists in a very distinguished way.
Although Covid-19 still occupies the news headlines, relative methods have been established to deal with the challenges. Witnessing the recovering society, what do artists think about creating in the current status? How do galleries and painting competitions respectively influence artists’ career? Is it true that galleries and painting competitions should change among time? If so, what and how should they change? To answer these questions, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum invited ShanghART Gallery’s founder Lorenz Helbing, BANK’s founder Mathieu Borysevicz, Antenna Space’s founder Simon Wang to discuss in a seminar about the issues, challenges, and opportunities faced by painters, galleries, and painting prizes.

  • Ling Min
    Member of John Moores Painting Prize Trust

Guest Speakers
  • Lorenz Helbing
    Founder of ShanghART

  • Mathieu Borysevicz
    Founder of BANK

  • Simon Wang
    Founder of Antenna Space