Minsheng Lecture Contemporary Photography and Cities


Minsheng Lecture



 Yuki MuséeNiépce, Aki Lumi, Shi Hantao

Starting from the Obliviated

Guests:  Yuki MuséeNiépce(Japan), Aki Lumi (Japan), Shi Hantao
Date: Saturday, Sept. 21, 2019
Time: 14:00-16:00
Languages: Chinese and Japanese
Venue: Multi-Media Interactive Hall, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum

 Yuki MuséeNiépce, “Architectural Bodies and Events”

 Yuki MuséeNiépce, “Muybridge's Twist”

Cities are what bred from desire, but also what bears the desire. Our desire is the most vital driving force of urban development, but also what splits up our relation with city: the desire usually outshines the other more important elements of a city, including the history. It makes us obliviate of city’s origin, of our place and directions.


 Yuki MuséeNiépce, “Roma-Roma”

Aki Lumi, “Architectural Nature” No.1

Recently, city and art are often mentioned in one discussion. Though the relationship between this pair is so complicated that it can barely be explain by one single perspective, one thing is for sure—art is never the decoration of city, but a method to criticize and discover the latter. Art, to some extent, reveals the secret part of the city hidden under desire. In art we reencounter the lost perspective of city.

Aki Lumi, “Traceryscape – NA301”

Japanese artist Yuki Ondera focuses on the relation between human and cities, revealing the individual identity and living status in the cities through photography, whereas Aki Lumi explore the relation between city and science, tracing the history and origin of cities. In this lecture, we are going to meditate on the relation between art and the city, based on the artworks of Ondera Yuki and Aki Lumi. Combining their thoughts and artistic phenomenon, we are going to rediscover the obliviated angle, to better understand the art and reencounter ourselves.

Aki Lumi, “mechanics No. M2-10”

Aki Lumi, “The Garden No.20”

Image offered by artists and Vangard Gallery

 Yuki MuséeNiépce

 Yuki MuséeNiépce

Yuki Onodera was born in Tokyo (1962). In 1993, she established a studio in Paris and began to work internationally. Her work is held in collections around the world, including those of Centre Georges Pompidou, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The J. Paul Getty Museum, Shanghai Art Museum and The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Among other locations, her solo exhibitions have been held at The National Museum of Art, Osaka (2005), Shanghai Art Museum (2006), The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography (2010), The Museum of Photography, Seoul (2010) and Musée Nicéphore Niépce, France (2011).



Aki Lumi

Aki Lumi was born in Tokyo; he currently lives in Paris. Through media such as photography, drawing and drafting, his work inquires into the meaning of man-made things and asks what sort of cognitive processes determine our world. In 1993, Lumi established a studio in Paris; since then, his work has been exhibited in France, Japan, China and other countries around the world.

Shi Hantao

Born 1973 in Shanghai, China. Lives and works in Shanghai, China.Shi Hantao graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Arts Administration and Policy. He was the chief coordinator of the 12th Shanghai Biennale (2018). In the past two decades he has worked at EPSON Image Space, Rockbund Art Museum, Chronus Art Center, Ray Art Center and Himalayas Museum (Shanghai Project). His writing and translation works cover the fields of photography, contemporary art, institutional studies.