Minsheng Art Theater Trial Performance of Dance POLA



Laura Arend, Xie Xin, Jill Crovisier, Fan Xiaoyun


Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai International Dance Centre, Xie Xin Dance Theatre

Choreographers: Laura Arend, Xie Xin
Dancers: Jill Crovisier, Fan Xiaoyun
Date: Saturaday, November 16, 2019
Time: 19:00-19:40
Time of the lecture: 19:50-20:20
Please get to the venue 10 minutes before the event. Entry is not allowed for latecomers.
Venue: Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum
Host: Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai International Dance Center, Xie Xin Dance Theatre


“By reaching the extreme of using or letting go of strength, the two poles of the feminine body language spectrum: softness and fortitude, are explored in juxtaposition and conversation in this work.” 

——Xie Xin

“This work searches for ‘spontaneous movement’. I explore the movement in the authenticity of each moment and the causal relationship in how the movements are linked in a dance. The core of my creating process is improvisation and emergency.”

——Laura Arend

The creation of Pola originated from Laura Arend, a young French choreographer’s curiosity and obsession for the charm of Chinese women. Xie Xin and Laura Arend therefore co-created this project as a conversation in dance language, which rooted in the historic Chinese and French culture. Aside from communication, this work is also a wonderful journey made by the two culture. In written and spoken words we exchange our insights, but to present the sparkling moment when the East and West meet, literature and theatre are the preferred methods. Co-created by Chinese choreographer Xie Xin and Laura Arend, Pola contains the feminine body language and power of Chinese and French females. It has been two centuries’ ups and downs since the feminism theory emerged in 19th century in the Western world. What is the status quo of feminism now? Pola makes no cliché accusation, but an attempt to voice the female’s opinion through female dancer’s performance. The two choreographer artists wish to reveal the usual but hidden female perspectives and values through merging art into actions.

Pola invites the audience into a creative, fluctuate art maze constructed by the two choreographers. It pushes the dancers to their physical and spiritual limits, requiring them to manifest their physical extreme and emotion outbreak. The visual aesthetic of the work presents a sense of neat repetition and synchronization. In this work, the two artists wish to merge the individual dancers into a collective whole, for at least a moment, hiding the physical and individual diversity of the dancers. The costume is like a mask that evokes the audience’s visual association of synchronization. It is designed to be highly unified. Thence, with this costume, the only way to be recognized out of a group of dancers is through manifesting his or her unique energy field. Therefore, in this visually unified work, the characters and features of each dancer is going to be revealed and amplified. As Pola unfolds itself, the unique female curves and features are going to transcend the costume mask, and dominates the stage with various hair colors, body shapes, and outfits. Everyone in Pola starts to search for their own voices, desire, and outlook, and longs to voice their own insights.

About the Choreographers

Xie Xin

A young dancer, founder of Xie Xin Dance Theater, the co-artist of Shanghai International Dance Center Theater, judge of the Lotus Awards (China’s top awards for dancing art), the guest professor at Shanghai University of Sport, the guest choreographer of Shanghai Singing and Dancing Troupe. She has won the golden prize of Premio Roma Danza 2015, Golden Prize of China Lotus Awards, and Silver Prize of Hannover International Choreography Competition in 2015, and multiple esteemed prizes in Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition, etc. She is sponsored by China National Art Funds, China Federation of Literary and Art Circles Funds, National Young Dancers Development Plan. She has worked successively at Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Jin Xing Dance Theatre, TAO Dance Theatre, BeijingDance/LDTX. Speaking about the piece, Kuopio Dance Festival artistic director Jorma Uotinen says: "In Xie Xin's style, I see features that you might not find in European contemporary dance. The extreme sensitivity and subtlety of Xie Xin has the same uniqueness as Sankai Juku." The former editor of USA Dance Magazine, Wendy Perron praised Xie Xin as: “Her work is as fluid and calligraphic as Cloud Gate but more forceful, more raw, and occasionally ominous.” In recent years, Xie Xin has been invited to various international dance festivals, including Finland’s Kuopio Dance Festival, Festival d’Eté in Paris, COLOURS International Dance Festival, Steps International Dance Festival, Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden Performance Season in Germany, Sibenik Dance Festival in Split, Croatia, Hong Kong Arts Festival, China Contemporary Dance Biennale, “Twelve Days of Chinese Dance” at National Centre for the Performing Arts, etc. Her medium and long works include “From In”, “Unknown”, “Listen to the Body”, “Ripple”, “Special Moment”, “…After…”, “Face 2 Face”, “Face 2 Face II”. Her short works include “Floating Flow Mark”, “Falling”, “1+1+1+1-1-1-1”, “No More”, “Tides”, etc.

Laura Arend

From a very young age, Laura Arend has been passionate about dance. In 2006, she joined the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Lyon (CNSMDL) then the Jeune Ballet. In 2009, she was received at Merce Cunningham Studio to learn the Cunningham technique. She then left France to settle in New York where she had the chance to work alongside rising figures on the New York scene, including choreographers Judith Sanchez Ruiz, Dai Jian and Korhan Basaran.Eager to discover new horizons, she left the United States in 2011 to join the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company (KCDC II) in Israel. 2011 also marks the creation of Laboration Art Company. Early 2016 marks the creation of YAMA: a 50-minute piece for six dancers inspired by a moving journey to India and the 5 YAMA of yogi philosophy, followed by FIVE in 2017 and ANNA in 2018. Laura is also invited to various cooperation with diverse dance institution, including JeuneBallet Européen and Le Point Ephémère in Paris, JeuneBallet d’Aquitaine and OSMOSIS Ali SALMI in Bordeaux, Israel Contemporary Art Museum, etc. She is also teaching students from all over the globe (India, New Zealand, Switzerland, France, etc.).
Utopia, a purely imaginary construction whose realization is, a priori, beyond our reach. A priori only, and this is LAC's starting point. Laboration Art Company wants to believe in the utopian vision of a world without borders, a world where civilizations coexist, where differences enrich more than they divide. Carried by Laura Arend, Laboration Art Company is a contemporary dance company that invites all audiences to travel. A formal, technical and physical dance that takes the audience into the company's universe. Each creation is inspired by a different journey or culture that the choreographer wishes to share with the greatest number. Current works of LAC include “YAMA 2016”, “FIVE 2017”, and “ANNA 2018”.



Fan Xiaoyun

A fulltime dancer at Xie Xin Dance Theatre since October, 2017. She performs in “From In”, “Obsession” by Xie Xin Dance Theatre, and two Xie Xin’s works “Floating Flow Mark”, “Light”. Portugal Quorum Ballet “The Rite of Spring”, “Rainbow in the Dark” by Hu Shenyuan, “00:00” by Liu Jia. In November 2018, she was invited to the Ultima vez Dance Company seminar in Europe. In 2019 she became the guest professor at Sanya Vocational College. She designed the choreography and performed in Beijing Spring for Chinese Art Festival. In 2019 she performed as the goddess of water in a performance designed by Conor Doyel, the director of “Sleep No More”. She also performed in stage play “The Lady from the Sea”, originally written by Henrik Ibsen, whose choreography designed by Wang Yabin.


Jill Crovisier graduated in Ballet and Contemporary dance at the Conservatory of music in Esch/Alzette (LU) before joining by selection the China EU Art school in Beijing organized by the British Council of Arts in 2005. She was a member of the Weis dance people company at the age of 18 and continued to study dance later on in France (where she also obtains a dance teacher degree), NYC, Israel and Indonesia. As a dancer, Jill worked among others for Oz Mulay (ISL), Anu Sistonen (FIN), Pia Vinson (USA), Elisabeth Schilling (DE), Sarah Baltzinger (FR), Kendra J.Horsburgh (UK). Choreography: Jill created R!CE, We are We, Zement, Zement the solo, The Hidden Garden, SIEBEN and the children’s piece MATKA. Since 2013 Jill works also in the production of short dance films and since 2015 she is involved in dance therapy projects. She is the artistic director of the JC movement production, based in Luxembourg. In 2017 Jill got selected with Zement, the solo at Lucky Trimmer, Gdanski solo dance competition, at the Hannover Choreographic Competition, won the Frankfurt edition prize of Solocoreografico competition and won the CICC Taiwan production award at the Copenhagen International Choreography Competition. In 2018 she premiered SIEBEN, her first major work presented at le Grand Théâtre de La Ville de Luxembourg. She was the FOCUNA bourse recipient for the UferStudios artist summer residency 2018 in Berlin and retransmitted The Hidden Garden on a male dancer. In 2018/2019 she is as a guest choreographer for B.Dance company in Taiwan in the work NO MANS’ LAND and joins a residency at the FMK Black Box in Vientiane, Laos. She choreographed SI for a master degree student exam at Taipei National University of the Arts and retransmits a short version of The Hidden Garden on a 4th year Graduate degree student of SEAD Austria. Currently Jill dances for Cie Mirage (FR), Hannah Ma dance (DE) and tours her works Zement, the solo, SIEBEN, MATKA and The Hidden Garden. In January 2019, Jill has received an honorary award from the city of Rumelange, for her exceptional achievements as a dancer and choreographer. Her most recent short dance film D A N S is part of the Loop exhibition in Rotondes, Luxembourg next to renowned video artists. In March 2019 Jill participates at the 23.Internationales Solo Tanz Theater Festival Stuttgart with the short male version of The Hidden Garden. Recently Jill got contacted to create a choreography in 2020 for the Folkwang Universität der Künste, Institut für Zeitgenössischen Tanz in Essen. The Hidden Garden, selected by the Theater Federation, will be represented at the Festival Avignon OFF 2020. In June 2019, Jill has received the Lëtzebuerger Danzpräis  / Luxembourgish Dance Award.