Special Event for 1 June



Special Event for 1 June

For the children
The most anticipated holiday every year is of course the first of June
How to build up a
Childlike and memorable Children's day?
And while children are enjoying themselves
How to make yourself also enjoyable?
We offer you a special event for the first of June!

2018 John Moore Painting Prize (China) exhibition and Unfold
Will be free to children and their families,
As long as they are under 14,
And Come to visit Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum
On 1 June.

At the same time parallel with the exhibitions, we have also prepared two workshops.
So just come and have fun!

Workshop 1

Come and find ‘IB Octopus’ to play
Time: 1 June 14:00-17:00
Venue: 1st Floor, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum

Idle Beats was founded by Nini Sum from China and Gregor Koeting from Germany. It is the first independent screen printing studio in Shanghai. Since 2009, it has focused on art communication through the mesh and been active in the local youth culture community. The IB Screen Printing Club not only provides artists with a wide range of professional services, but also allows for single or multi-layer printing on paper and fabric, while also bringing colorful creativity and fun to different locations.
On the upcoming 1 June, Idle Beats will bring a new screen printing game station ‘IB Octopus’. It’s an octopus-shaped rotary with 8 mini screens installed, each pre-exposed with a unique sticker artwork. Each event attendee will receive a blank sticker, turn the rotary to have a 1/8 random sticker artwork and then screen print the sticker on his/her own! With the help, everyone can successfully print their own sticker sheet

* The game can be participated multiple times, everyone must collect all 8 patterns!

Photograph by Wilhelm Lang


Workshop 2

The experience of Ai

Hand-spun Sachet Workshop

Time: 1 June 14:00-16:00
Venue: ARTsMALL Cafe (1F), Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum

Xiangnang (Sachet), also known as Peiwei and Xiangying in tradition, its history of production and wearing can be traced back to the Warring States Period; Ai (Artemisia argyi) is a common plant found along the riverside and in the field. Spring and summer are the seasons of its growth. ‘Qingming cha liu, Duanwu cha ai’, people in Jiangnan region have a special feeling of Ai. When the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, sensible mothers will sew a variety of colorful cloth onto a small bag, filled with Artemisia argyi, and hang a braid under the bottom of the bag. The sachet will be worn on the child’s chest, which not only shows the technique, but also indicates the love for the child through the homonym of Ai (love).
On the upcoming 1 June, we invite you and your children to have a workshop with the Mu Mian Hua Kai handicraft club, using traditional Artemisia argyi and Chongming hand-spun cloth as raw materials, to discover the beauty of the hand-spun cloth through the needlework, pass on the fun of the handicraft, and to enjoy a beautiful holiday.