Minsheng WE Theatre:Body Architects × Independent Individuals



Shi Jingxin

Body Architect Demonstration: Gudenko Maria Gudenko Nadezhda

Academic Observer: Cheng Siqi’an, Zhang Hui

Duration: 90 minutes (45 minutes lecture, 45 minutes interactive experience and free Q&A)

Number of participants: 60


Photography: Chen Ming

The ‘body’ is a container of life for ordinary people; but for dancers, it is a gift, and moreover the fulcrum to explore life. Artist Shi Jinxin is invited to present and lead all the imaginations of the body, to explore the beauty of physical and mental balance, and to appreciate the nature and unknown of life.
This event, whether for the professionals who are constantly learning to dance or the public who loves art, is the best opportunity for a close dialogue with the body.

【Life Circle】S1E2, photography: Yu Yue

【Body Architects】key point of ‘Zero-Moving Point’ training method

Zeroing awareness - a clear awareness of the self

Micro Body - Exploration of Body Form

The Energy of Movement - Exploration of Body Motive Power

Body Taste - Exploration of Body Texture

Seeing experience - Establishment of Body Belief


Shi Jinxin, founder of the Xin-Art-Lab, is a choreographer, director, contemporary artist, teacher of performance department of Shanghai Theater Academy, founder/art director of the Xin-Art-Lab, founder of Body Architects training method, founder of Body Narration creation technique and performance method, visiting scholar of New York University, former teacher of the Beijing Dance Academy, member of the Chinese Dancers Association, invited artist of the American Dance Festival International Choreography Project, choreographer of the opening ceremony of the 29th Beijing Olympic Games, and researcher of Oriental Aesthetic Culture Research Center of Nankai University.