Minsheng WE Theatre: Barbarian Clarinet




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Minsheng WE Theatre: Barbarian Clarinet

“Dès les premières notes, tous les sens sont en éveil, les barrissements incongrus de la clarinette basse évoquent des contrées lointaines...”
Just with a single clarinet, he then made the live show chain the most varied musical themes, passing from jazzy improvisations to traditional Breton music. This is what Le Télégramme said to Michel Aumont, who is recognized as one of the leaders of the contemporary Brittany music industry.

Although educated under a classical music system, Michel Aumont seems to be more adopted to Brittany music features as sincerity, communication and venture. He is not restricted to interpret the traditional skills; he is always challenging himself to form his own mixed and unique stage style. After 2000, he began to fall in love with bass clarinet, the musical instrument that present more emotion when playing. Because of the special characteristics, he tries to add the elements of the rhythmic Brittany dance into the clarinet play.

Alone on stage, Michel Aumont explores the boundaries of the instrument and draws the public into the universe of his Armorians, where he skillfully uses the bass clarinet and his specially looped live creating a band-like effect. Improvisation and humor, novelty but without losing the rhythm; alchemy takes place on stage just to highlight the original instrumental soundtrack. Also, the saxophone-like instrument frees Michel’s imagination of the stage. Free, wild, swing, change, surprise, just as its name "barbaric clarinet", this live show will be a poetic and fascinating dream full of exotic atmosphere.

“Le souffle. Tout commence par là. Dans les différentes enceintes placées autour de la salle, il transperce, s’adoucit puis devient note et ne s’arrête plus pendant. On se retrouve alors dans un autre monde, une autre dimension, captivé par le musicien seul en scène...”
-Le Trégor

On September 17th, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum and Alliance Française de Shanghai are honored and pleasant to invite Michel Aumont to Shanghai. Music is the most direct way of communicating with people. We can express, pray freely in music and therefore resonate; the rich and different kinds of music will lead us to sincere feelings and imagination. This afternoon let us enjoy the solo scene of Michel Aumont, and follow the artist back to that improvised music jungle.


Clarinetist and composer, Michel Aumont now lives in Saint-Brieuc. After classical studies at the Conservatory of Caen, he knew how to cultivate the pleasure of juggling and bounce where nobody awaits them. The artist relearns the clarinet with the traditional bellmen and places the instrument in the Breton groups.
In the 1980s, he created Quintet Clarinets that counterpointed Breton traditional music with contemporary and improvised music. He recorded two CDs with this formation. In the year 2000, he made the bass clarinet his favorite instrument. Beyond all these encounters and creations, he continues to develop his particular musical group that he calls ArmorigènE. In 2008, he created ArmorigènE Trio. In 2010, he reunited his septet Le Grand Orchestra ArmorigènE with whom he shot and recorded the eponymous album. In 2016, he gathers around a group of 12 clarinetists to bass the confrérie des clars graves. 


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