Minsheng WE:Theatre:Embodiment Spectacle



Zhang Jimi

The human body is worthy of being observed and written; however, the self's body can only be perceived by others as a difference; and this difference affects not only theatre performance but also the big ideas as culture, politics, or particularly terms as the traffic. In 2004 and 2016, Zhang Jimi, a Taiwan theater critic and dramatist, visited Qingdao, Deyang, Chengdu, Chongqing, and Wuzhen; and this year he came to Shanghai and Beijing.

Street performance in Wuzhen Arts Festival

Mr. Zhang Jimi was invited to Minsheng WE Theatre, centering on the performances from the third-tier cities to the first-tier cities, from the urban landscape to the theatre performance, through photos, videos or even sounds, to share the embodiment of Chinese people, and how it differs from other countries or cities, and how it affects the relationship with the world.


Street theater performance in Deyang Festival Festival

1. Space is an extension of the body
The space we think of is in fact not physical, but perceptual. And this perception comes from the extension of the body. Various examples from true lives will be introduced to let everyone understand this basic structure of the body.

2. The city as an extension of the body
From examples of living objects to different urban streetscapes, the sharing will move on to discuss the cultural and physical differences.

3. Take the City Festival Fringe as an extension of the body
Through the phenomenon of the recent Festival Fringe taking place in cities or a short-lasting art festival for the public, the discussion will continue to see the characteristics of each city and the physical characteristics of the performance.


Zhang Jimi:Theatre freelancers, directors, actors, stage supervisors, art critics. He is currently the executive director of the Goon Zone, the vice director of the Art & Creative Union, the Asia Observer of the Performing Arts Union in 2016, and the teacher of the Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre.
Since 1994, he has performed in theatrical performances and creations. Previous collaboration groups include: Paramount Theatre Troupe, Critical Point Theatre Phenomenon, Song Song Song Children’s & Puppet Theatre, Assignment Theatre, Crazy Theatre, Miscanthus floridulus Theatre, Grass Stage, Corner Children's Theatre, Be Theatre, Sarah’s Can Theater, Théâtre du Point Aveugle, Guling Street Avant-garde Theatre, Slowisland Theatre Group, Against Again Troupe.