【Masterworkshop】I Can Be an Artist—An Invitation to a Sculpture Tour in Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum


Minsheng Workshop



Cai Zhisong

Well combed hair, delicate suit dress, no long hair and wild beard’, Cai Zhisong is different from what we used to image of an artist, which he commented, ‘Why should I make myself so rough, just like an artist.’
The same logic could be also found in his artworks. The handmade sculptures have faded their original coldness, and become refined and aura. The ongoing exhibition at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum is a visual presentation of life experience and humanistic thoughts in artist’s art creation. This winter, the artist will work with the audience to create their own sculpture in the exhibition space themed ‘Heaven, Earth, Man, Culture, Object, Self and Nature,’ transforming the exhibition space from the place where the exhibits are displayed into a quiet meditation art field, to complete a sublimation of a collective resonance of the individual perception.

Cai Zhisong graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Department in Sculpture; at the age of 29, with Custom to Motherland No.1, he became the first Chinese artist who won Taylor Prize at the Paris Autumn Salon. About this experience, Cai Zhizong said, ‘I was not like the others imagined that after winning the big prize in my twenties, I became arrogant or something like that. In fact, nowadays I’m still learning at my forties.’ It’s this humility, firmness, and the understanding of life after so many things that makes Cai Zhisong's sculpture language fulfilled with heavy weight and full of the poetic and contemplative.

Cai Zhisong’s works is a good example on how to use the works to express artist’s inner thoughts and turn them into the physical art object. In the Motherland series, the figures who seem to come from the old history bow slightly, bend their bodies, expressing in a silent tone the struggles, the ups and downs of human beings under historical changes. In the new artwork series, ‘deer’, ‘crane’ and you are quietly looking at each other, standing on the fine white sand, graceful, as the heaven and human come together. In his creation process, Cai Zhisong raised a pair of deer, and made a special trip to Zhalong Nature Reserve in Heilongjiang Province to observe the red-crowned cranes. ‘Making sculptures still need observation first, to observe their bones, structure and dynamics; otherwise, the work will not be vivid.’ Cai Zhisong said, ‘The exterior needs to be observed, but the soul is infused.’ Those living creatures are well arranged in the long narrow ramp exhibition hall, not only strong but fragile, not only alienated but straightforward shocking.

The workshop will take place in the exhibition area where Deer and Crane are located. The first five enrolled audiences will be instructed by the artist to complete a sculpture work independently. And there will be ten lucky audiences having the opportunity to be an assistant to also participate in this workshop. All the audience have the chance to become the model of the sculpture, that will be captured to be eternal by the artwork.
Although sculpture needs much more time to practice, art has a commonality from the heart. Come and examine our own hearts, reflect on our own lives, carve out the appearance of life and shape our lives through this creation.

Are You Ready? ! !
Let’s go for a sculpture tour with the artist
 in this art museum full of creatures this winter
*The audience of this event can visit the whole exhibition for free on that day.

About Artist

Cai Zhisong

In 1997 Cai Zhisong graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Sculpture. From 1998-2008, he taught at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in the Sculpture department. Cai Zhisong is now a professional artist who lives and works in Beijing.
His major works consist of the Motherland series, Rose series and Clouds series.
Amongst the numerous awards which he has been awarded, these several are the most important: 1997 Gangsong Family Fund Award, 2001 the Taylor Prize at the Paris Autumn Salon when he was 29, becoming the highest honor won by Chinese artists in its 103-year history; 2004 Bronze Prize at the 10th National Art Exhibition. In the same year, he was awarded the President’s prize at Central Academy of Fine Arts. In 2011 he was invited to participate in the 54th Venice Biennale. In 2012 he was rated Art Authority Figures. In the same year, he was selected as global 100 Art Leaders on the cover of Art Actuel in France. In 2013 he was honored as Mr. Uno 2013 in Men’s Uno, and was also selected as 2013 Global Chinese Fashion Leader. In 2014 Cai won the Rockefeller Chinese Outstanding Young Artist Prize, and was granted Extraordinary Journey 2014 Annual Influence Special Artist Award. In 2016 he was granted Robb Report Annual Artist. In 2017 he became the 14th Esquire Man at His Best Award.
Cai has created the highest auction record for a Chinese sculptor in the international art market for three times. His art works have been collected by many well-known museums, art galleries and art institutions.