Light Up! Instructions for LED wandering




Lectures, workshops, LED installations exhibition, face-to-face with artist, etc.

Guest: MAKE+
Date of the Lecture and Workshop: 14:00-16:30, July 20, 2019 (Sat.)
Number of Participants: no limit for the lecture, 40 at most for the workshop
LED installation exhibition time: 14:00-17:00, July 20, 2019 (Sat.), 11:00- 17:00. July 21, 2019 (Sun.)
Venue: Multimedia Interactive Room, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum (Xinyefang 3, Wenshui Road 210, Jing’an District)

Light is the paint of God
Without light
The world would be colorless

Human’s pursuit of light is instinctive. LED has been our ideal source of light since it was born, lighting up a new revolution of illumination for human’s better future.

What on earth is LED? Why can it illuminate? How is LED useful?

For decades, there have been continuous research on LED, whose scientific research results have been applied into our daily life. LED has gratified us with better control on light and electricity, and has inspired numerous artists. LED has lit up our space and time.

About the event

LED stands for Light Emitting Dlode, a a semiconductor light source. For this event, MAKE+ team is going to redefine L. E. D. Through three phases of activities, the team is going to guide the participants to reveal the secrets of LED, and enjoy the fun of making.
MAKE+ team has also created a mysterious LED installation specifically for this event. On this Saturday, the participants are going to be present for a marvelous wander with light and electricity. This installation is going to be remained till Sunday. During the exhibition period, MAKE+ is going to share how they create it. Join us in this event to create your own LED installation!

L earning 
E xperience 
D iscovery 

01. Learning

Unlimited number of participants  
How did LED, a small electronic component, become a new illumination that lights up the world?
How many colors are there in the LED white light?
How does LED, a small thing ignored by so many, look like under the microscope?
Through programing, how many changes can LED possibly present?
What is the connection between LED, artists, and scientists?


The brain wave device at the 2014 MAKE+ Crossover Creative Summit

The light installation co-created by MAKE+ and Consulate General of France

Through Learning-LED lecture, MAKE+ is going to offer their comprehensive interpretation of LED.


02. Experience

Due to the limited material, the number of participants has to be below 40
Given a beam of light, what would you do with it?

To illuminate a card?

To explore a forest?

To awake an ancient civilization?

Or even, to make it a part of you?

In Experience-LED paper circuit experience workshop, MAKE+ is going to lead the participants to apply the scientific knowledge they know, to create their own beam of light with LED light emitting chip, button battery, conductive ink pens, tapes, magnets, and all kinds of creative tools.
After completing the works, there will be a lighting ceremony. Join us to end the darkness.

03. Discovery

LED installation exhibition
Unlimited number of participants
Sat. 16:30-17:00
Sun. 11:00-17:00

MAKE+ always believes that multidisciplinary cooperation can break the boundaries between different fields. In the collision of art and science, inspiration and endless Possibilities emerge.  

MAKE+ installation experience

MAKE+ installation experience

During the Discovery-LED time exploration, MAKE+ teams up creative and imaginative artists, designers, and programmers to produce a LED light show with the common materials and cutting-edge technique.
This mysterious installation will be displayed in the art museum for only 2 days. Visit us to interact with light.

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About MAKE+

MAKE+ is an NPO supported by volunteers. MAKE+ hopes to construct a community for better communication between people of creative and scientific industry, and thus support the creation of interesting projects. In the meantime, MAKE+ aims to raise the public awareness through educative events, researches, and presentations.
MAKE+ established a LED experiment group specifically for this event. The group will study the related knowledge and turn it into art creating. They also organize multidisciplinary cooperation between art and science, revealing the charm of light and electricity with new perspectives.