Kids Museum “Know Yourself” Body Game Theatre





Wang Yuezi, Wang Yixuan, Zou Xueping


Body game theatre is where we express ourselves via our bodies and daily supplies. The job of audience and actors here is not to be anyone other than themselves. There’s no limitation for anyone to walk into this theatre and use their body and language to represent his experiences from life, growth, and body memory. In an era where the body is gradually being materialized, why not join this theatre and enable our bodies to be extended, accumulated, penetrated, to regain the earnest of life.

Recommend Age: 6 plus
Number of people: 20 children, each accompanied with 1 adult
Duration: 2 hours
Emphasis: Body training and vision of space


Warm-up games (40 minutes)
Through body games to get to know the space and accompanies and liberate the body

Body Games (60 minutes)
Present the actors’ feelings narratively and artistically. Complete the performance with our bodies, faces, rhythm, and beats.

Discussion (20 minutes)
Discuss how everyone feels after the performance.

About the Theatre

Capsule Mall Theatre was established at the end of 2016, named after the space capsule and the shopping mall, where grand narration and daily life familiarity co-exist. The theatre is constituted of cross-media contemporary artists, with sound artists, play performers, dancers, writers invited, who cooperate to create plays in which teens and children, parents, and theatre lovers contribute to the creation.
“Polybasic, experimental, open, interesting” constitute the fundamental structural features of Capsule Mall. We attempt to explore the linking point of art, life, media, and theatre. Aside from theatres and museums, our performance also take place in the center of city life – malls, metro stations, parking lots, supermarkets, plazas, or streets of communities. These places are where we try to make utopian communicative space.
In a globalized and atomized world, Capsule Mall is devoted to creating a sphere where we can feel each other know ourselves.

Founders of Capsule Mall

Wang Ziyue
an artist, curator and theatre director. Engaged in contemporary art for years and has organized her own exhibitions in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, etc. She has organized “30 Years of Experimental Theatre” exhibition, which was the Chinese experimental drama documenta for the first time.

Wang Yixuan
experimental theater artist, CCD Workstation/ The Living Dance Studio artist, National three-level psychologist. Depth in the field of children's education and psychological counseling, have rich experience of children education. Personal participation theater performances were showed in Austria Vienna Arts Festival, Singapore Arts Festival, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai and many other places.

Zou Xueping
experimental theater artist, documentary director, Beijing CCD workstation artist. Individual join in the theater "Memories", "Treatments" at the Lyon Dance Biennale in France, Amsterdam Summer Dance Festival in Amsterdam, Belgium Bozar Contemporary Art Center in Brussels and many other tour performances.