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Sandrine Bonini

Atelier Une Carte: Shanghai-Paris

Tutor: Sandrine Bonini (French)
Participants: 30 children (suggested age: 5-7)
Language: French (Chinese interpretation is provided)
Date: July 18, 2019. Thursday 14:30-16:30
Venue: Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, 1F (Xinyefang 3, Wenshui Road 210, Jing’an District)
Co-hosts: Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai Alliance Française


Igor and Souky are step brother and step sister to each other. Living in Paris, each week they would visit a place of historic interest: Eiffel Tower, Opéra de Paris,Pompidou Centre, Versailles Palace, etc.
These two lovely siblings are two characters drawn by the famous French illustrator Sandrine Bonini. Lively and pleasing, the two characters often give their sensitive yet innocent perspectives on the historic sites.

In June, 2018, Sandrine Bonini was invited by Institute Française Pekin to hold the exhibition of this series of illustration. To provide for the children a more profound understanding of the illustration culture, the artist also went into numerous schools to sit down face-to-face with them, and guide them to paint various landmarks of China and France, such as the Tian’anmen Squre, the Temple of Heaven, the Eiffel Tower, and the Arc de Triomphe, etc. Through these workshops, she guided the children to explore the world aesthetically and curiously.

How about the children in Shanghai? Do you want to visit Paris following Bonini’s painting brush?

On July 18, Sandrine Bonini is invited by Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum and Shanghai Alliance Française to be the tutor of the collage and painting workshop, in which the participants are going to dig out the connection between Shanghai and Paris. Please join us into this creative afternoon wandering.

Sandrine Bonini’s collage

Speaking of Shanghai and Paris, perhaps lots of image is coming up in your mind. Don’t know how to present them? In this painting workshop, the artist is going to reveal how she creates art exclusively to the workshop participants. She will also share her specific experience of searching for inspiration in the streets and her insights on how an illustration album is created.

After her sharing, the participants will split into three groups. Together under the guidance of the artist, they will paint an imaginary city map inspired by the architecture of Paris and Shanghai. With the children’s unlimited imagination, any factor can be put into the map. Eventually we will create a map of an imaginary city. Excellent works will be selected to be displayed in the illustration exhibition “Igor and Souky’s Tour of Exploration” held by Shanghai Alliance Française.

About the artist

Sandrine Bonini

Sandrine Bonini is an illustrator and an author of children’s books. She is a graduate of the Decorative Arts of Paris. She worked for animation film before turning to illustratio. Her poetic and sensitive world has been published by Autrement jeunesse, L'Ecole des Loisirs, Sarbacane and Gallimard jeunesse. She believes that books are what introduce the children into the world of reading, and what connect the children with the world. While creating Igor and Souky series, to better represent the perspectives of children, Sandrine observed the children and accumulated abundant material in order to shape two compelling children characters.