Kids Museum: Caring for Autistic Children





Huub Detert

Hosted by the Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum and supported by the Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation, the Caring for Autistic Children is a special painting and art experience event aiming to engage artists, volunteers, caring institutions for autistic children, educational institutions, and families of children with autism. We hope to demonstrate the colorful world and special talents of those children through the planning and implementation of this series of public welfare activities including art therapy workshops for autistic children and thematic exhibitions, so as to promote public communication with ‘children of the stars’ and evoke more public attention and concern of people with autism.

This is a group of lovely kids,

With bright big eyes.

When happy, they smile;

While sad, they cry;

But their eyes are empty,

Will not say hi or play,

Even not call dad or mom.

They live in their own world,

With serious language, social and behavior barriers,

They are ‘children of the stars’.



The talents of children with autism are like the springs flowing from the stone crevices. Overcoming several difficulties, they will always finally bring surprises. The art is original, and their paintings do not have any utilitarian or flattering. They use art to show the being of their true life. The exhibition included dozens of artworks featuring different forms, created by the children from the Qing Cong Quan Art Class of the Shanghai Qing Cong Quan (QCQ) Training Center for Children with Special Needs of Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation and The home of Stars. When one door closes, another opens. Come, and you’ll see the mysterious and colorful inner world of those kids, their family’s unfailing companionship, and the teachers’ love and commitment; all of them would be far more beautiful and moving than the paintings themselves!

Open time: April 1st – 2nd 10:00-17:30

Art Workshop – Discovering the Magic

In this workshop, Hub Detert, a veteran art therapy teacher from the Netherlands, will work with children and parents to explore the art with some new artistic methods. Why Wet-on Wet? Because it not only gives the children an experience of color, but also offers a journey to understand and heal themselves. When the wet paint is laid on wet paper, the colors will flow into the water, blending into one another in beautiful, unexpected ways. The ups and downs, the touch of the hearts, all the feelings will be aroused during the painting. Everyone is a rainbow. Everyone has a potential artistic expression. You can be art itself. Let the children discover this magic in person!

Workshop Time: April 2nd 10:30-12:00


Tutor of ‘Discovering the Magic’

Huub Detert, majoring in social education and social work in his early years, and then went to De Wervel, one of the major universities in anthroposophy, focusing on art therapy. He has taken several trainer courses including ‘Be the Change’ (U.S.A.), ‘How to create your own success!’ (Open Circles Academia in Amsterdam), ‘Ithaka’, ‘Aggression behavior’, Management Development, ‘Behavioral Trainer’, ‘Cheer up’, ‘Social Skills’ and ‘Dealing with performance anxiety’. He is the founder and counsellor of the Foundation Central care for parents of children with Disabilities Twente (Informal Care foundation Twente). With more than 30 years of experience in art therapy work, in addition to his work in Waldorf Education, he is adept at bringing artistic therapy under the concept of anthroposophy to a wider range of fields, including art therapy in various mental hospitals and different training schools. His experience includes: art therapist and behavioral trainer in General Psychiatric Hospital “Langeveld” in Noordwijk, trainer / teacher and art therapist, Instituto Educativo Rudolf Steiner in Quito, Ecuador, Escuela Waldorf in Buenos Aires, Argentina and in therapeutic community Camphill “Angaia” in Juiz de Fora, Brasil, Trainer “Mini Macho”, an educational program of self-defense against sexual harassment for youngsters i.s.m. KBH “Buitenveldert” in Amsterdam, counsellor and behavioral trainer, Alexander Calder in Amsterdam, teacher and behavioral trainer, Training school “De Alef” in Steenwijk, teacher and behavioral trainer, ROC Flevoland in Lelystad, teacher and behavioral trainer, Rehabilitation Centre Salvation army in Amsterdam. Since 2009, as an owner of Orion Consultancy, worked as a freelance teacher for advising schools with special solutions, including REA-College, part of Heliomare (Wijk aan Zee), coach youngsters with ASS (autism), Challenge Day Netherland, (Amsterdam) developing lesson material against bullying and ROC Leiden, (Leiderdorp) interim trainer for early school leavers. From 2012 till now, he is the owner of VOF Bulls-i, a company to train youngsters in social skills and to advise in career choice, counselling youngsters and parents in relationship.