Launch | “art book in China” abC Art Book Fair· 2017 · Shanghai




Poster Design: Zhu Tunan

Abc is the beginning of an alphabet, and the base of enlightenment.

abC here is the abbreviation of art book in China, revealing the nourishing ecology under structure of art books.   

abC art book fair 2017 Shanghai was held from August 11 – 13 at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum.  This fair was organized by DREAMER FTY and Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, co-organized by With exhibitions, lectures, workshops sharing the spiritual conviction of self-publishing, abC is devoted to providing a platform where art and culture is presented, communication and creation are realized. Through encouraging the public to participate and encountering, abC is also structuring a space for new artists to display and talk.

              abC Shanghai 2016 presented over 360 artists’ books, involving 109 participants, and over 5000 audience.

abC(art book in China)was founded in 2015 by DREAMER FTY. In August 2016, the first abC was held under the organization DREAMER FTY and Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum (now Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum), with co-organizing. It has influence the fields of art, design, and publishing.
abC has welcomed thousands of visitors to the festival with a high level of enthusiasm and discourse surrounding artists' books and contemporary art publishing. In the future, abC art book fair Shanghi will offer greater support to art book publishing agencies and individuals, in order to converge the energetic culture in the city. Involving the special vision of self-publishing, bold design, and the contributive sprit of earnest publishers, abC is trying to cultivate a fertile sphere for self-publishing in China.

“art book in China” at Printed Matter, Inc., New York

abC is focusing on those emerging from the creative background of China. Meanwhile, it will also invite some excellent foreign independent publications taking part in exhibitions and conversations. The abC also provide a platform to promote and introduce the pioneering Chinese independent publishing to the different areas.
Over a year, abC has brought numerous excellent art publications to New York, Milan, and Bergen in Norway, introducing pioneers of Chinese art publishers to more people.
abC is attempting to present a whole, diverse, energetic scene of contemporary Chinese self-publishing. It constructs a platform for the minority who persevere in choosing papery medium and the majority who are enthusiastic in books and independent creating. Here, conversations are undertaken, possibilities of books are extended, the core of art, the independent spirits are displayed.