A Scientific Rhapsody





Zhang Bo, Wang Yixi, Yu Tong


Guan Ningchuan


Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum, Make+, Shanghai Science & Technology Museum

Every April 1 in China is a holiday without tradition or vacation – April Fool’s Day. The origin of this day is always debated, yet the fooling and spamming on this day has become lighthearted and humorous. It has become an entertaining day.

An “ass bomb,” for instance

Rainbow Chemistry in “Lab Fun”

Kill your time in “Inter-talking”

This time, Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum has invited Make+ and Shanghai Science & Technology Museum, to present “Lab Fun,” “Big Bang Creation” workshop, and “Inter-talking.” This year’s April Fool, how about extend the joy of holiday by sharing your amazing ideas of art or science, brainstorm in lab, and create something in the workshop?  

1:Brainstorming – Lab Fun

Polar Bear’s Thermo-Secret

Arctic is a place where temperature can reach -70 ℃, an impossible place for human to survive. However, polar bears reign this icy area. What is their secret of keeping warm? Let’s find out!

Controlled Water & Rainbow Chemistry

If one compares the total water resource on earth to a bottle of water, what human can use only takes up a lid of it. It is essential to use the water resource wisely. Let’s brainstorm and protect our water resource.

What the “Star” Looks Like

Meteorite is the astronomical from outer space that human can touch directly and analyze in lab. Usually they look black and boring, but actually their beauty takes up in various dimension. Let’s follow “Meteorite Hunter” Zhang Bo to explore the uninvited guest from outer space.

 The activities mentioned above will be conducted from 13:00-16:00 on April 1.

2:Practicing – Big Bang Creation

Curie AI workshop Fashionable Clothing for Street Dance Making (Change the LED color by gesture)
Key words: AI, wearable device, movements recognition, neuro web

You will know:

1.Intro to AI and Neuro web
2.How to make LED recognize your gesture and change the color

Number of participants: 15

Time: 13:00-14:30

SmartNodeWorshop:The Farting Chair

Key Words: SmartNode, April’s Fool, Internet of Things

You will know:
1.What is SmartNode?
2.How to make the chair “alive” with SmartNode?

Number of participants: 15

Participants should prepare a laptop (with the latest Chrome and is able to connect wifi)

If you don’t want the chair to fart, but yawn, sing, or tell a story, please prepare the related sound file (the file should be within 10 seconds).

Fee: 20 RMB per person

Time: 14:30-16:00

3:Say it out loud – Inter-talking

Book ClubMIX bookclub
The moon is the outer space neighbor we see the most clearly.

That’s why it inspires various imagination and activities of human from ancient time to today.


Bernd Brunner. Moon: A Brief History. Walk Publishing. Translated by Gan Xi’an

Brunner is a famous German alternative writer. In his book Moon: A Brief History, he introduces our curiosity towards the moon, and how this curiosity deeply influences our culture, and leads us to explore the universe.  

★Speaking of “heliocentric,” someone was 1,800 years earlier than Copernicus;
★Aside from the success of Twenty Thousand League under the Sea, Verne also predicted the technology of the next century;
★ Ayurveda from India is regarded as a delicate medical system, and Ayurveda agrees that astronomical will affect the treatment;
★ von Braun, who invented secret weapon for Germany, intentionally exposed himself and was captured by US. Why?


Brunner collects various pictures, explains in depth how we made the “big step of human,” from the perspective of culture, politics, and science.


The last hour of “The Scientific Rhapsody” starts at 16:00. We also invited 6 friends from all walks of life to present a lecture. Each person in 10 minutes will show you their inspiration, interdisciplinary products, and their story of success. Audiences are also welcomed to share their stories.

A world in 10 minutes

Science Equips Art with Better Experience
Jiu Er, founder of R. I. Dance Lighting Fashion

Conception and Creation about “Coach T”
Peng Yanni, founder of Coach T, smart assistant of tennis

 “Calculative Mind” for Everybody
Liu Jie, Director of Management of Maker Collider

Thoughts and Practice of “Movable Journal”
MAGICMORE, creator of moveable journal

The Tale of “Meteorite Hunter”
Zhang Bo, member of Meteoritical Society, famous Chinese Meteorite Hunter


Representative of “Lab Fun”

Yu Jiong, top level guide with 10 years of scientific performing experience. She won the prize of 2016 Shanghai “Who Is the Champion Guide”, title of “Top Ten Greatest Guide” in Pudong district in 2014.

Wang Yixi, experienced scientific educator in Shanghai Science and Technology Museum with solid skills of scientific guiding. She won the title of “2017 Top Ten Greatest Guide” in Shanghai, and second prize in 2016 Science Diva.

Zhang Bo, born in Shanghai, 1982. Member of Meteoritical Society, International Meteorite Collectors Association, and Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences and Planetary Science Laboratory Astrochemistry. He is a famous Chinese meteorite hunter. Ever since 2008, he had been engaged in the field of meteorite, studying and collecting meteorite. He has been to North America, Europe, Africa to hunt for meteorite. He is also a meteorite educator.

 “Maker Collide” Workshop Guest

Guan Ningchuan, education and technology director of “Maker Collide,” High level full stack engineer, lecturer of Intel Public Space. He has been in fields of software, Internet, and logistics. In 2014 he joined open source smart glass OSG and enter the field of intelligent hardware. He is now devoted to Maker.

Leading Reader of Moon: A Brief History

MAGICMORE, a designer with law school background. He has been in three fields, and now engaged to stationary design. His own works are mainly visual montage in illustrations and image. His website: www.magic-more.com. His Wechat Official Account: LabFun


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